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hey G CONGRATS on the survivor win , my favorite game this week LAC to win outright, but I also liked the colts after watching they wildcard game ..not so sure now after seeing almost every one on the net saying how the colts will do this and that and the line opened at +4 all the money comes in on colts ,yet the line goes to +6 ,seems to me like the books want colts money ,now the line has settled back at +5 just seems weird...Last week the books took it on the chin with Indy, Seatlle early line +21/2 and of course every one had Lac ,.This week everyone loves indy some love for Lac, do the books take it on the chin again or do they bend us all over.Im going to tease the colts game like yourself and just enjoy the game ,then get ready for tomorrow and watch tom bradys year come to an end
When I go to vegas next year in july to sign up at westgate we should hook up and ill collect that expensive bottle of wine .LOL by the sounds of it you'll probably drink most of it.Best of luck G


OTPS, I'll buy two for us!

Shoot me an email and I'll arrange to send you your bottle. [email protected]

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