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just wondering G why you don't like New Eng this week. then maybe tenn. at home against wash. in week 16
my pool started with 1250 down to 133 after week 3 .and there is still 26,nobody has used the giants ,im expecting half the pool to be on giants then some on Denver. myself on pitt or NE haven't decided yet.just think NE has to keep winning one slip up by KC and NE has home field through out... seems to easy to take the giants ,,was hoping more people would be on Denver ,,hard spot for them back to back road games even tough spot for the good teams....Sanchez sucks big time though don't know how giants don't win but it is never that easy..im going to prey for a giants meltdown only because 3 of us can take pitt and im the only one that can take NE ,so if giants lose im expecting the pool to be below 10,was hoping you would be on someone else,,still think Washington is in bad shape though .BEST of LUCK to you G

I'm taking this under advisement since ODB's injury. Thank you for your support and thoughts otp, I appreciate them.

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