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hey G with over a 1000 people still in ,multiple winners at the end of week 17 , things will settle down,,,i hope


With the way things are going, I am looking at week 9.
Good luck in craps down in NOLA, stay away from Bourbon St @ night, you don’t know what you might catch.


OTPS, I bet you a really good bottle of wine that the tournament is decided before the end of the season!

Gary, I walk up and down Rue Royale. Some really great art galleries there and the best street jazz in the city. I only hit Bourbon street if I'm showing someone the ropes, but I let them see it and then I steer them away as quickly as possible. I do like biking down Bourbon in the afternoons and soaking it in for about five minutes as I make my way to Frenchman Street.

And Gary, I got you down for week 9. Hope you're right! I can make it to week 9, surely!!

you have a wager Garraund ,I know you like your wine but I feel pretty confident it'll go to the end. My reasoning is stat based .I've been in this pool since 1998, 1250 people limit, every year multible winners.With just 133 tickets left it’s the fewest ever and that’s an 89.3% knock out rate.

Ø Over the past 21 years there have only been 3 other occasions when we lost more than 65% of the tickets.

Ø In 2015 there were 141 tickets left (88.7% KO), followed 2003 with 199 (84.1% KO) and 2012 with 207 (83.4%).

Ø In two of those years - 2015 and 2003 - there were just 2 eventual winners.

Ø In 2012 the low numbers at this stage didn’t translate into a small number of winners, as we had a 35 winners. With your pool,it still has more than 1200 people after all these stats .Hopefully you can manage to just go all the way to the end so you wont mind buying the bottle LOL.


well it sure has slowed down , after week 3 there was 133 people now with the lone person going out with Detroit last week we now have 101 I can take chi kc dal car ne. like kc next week so I think im taking chi this week,, who you like G?


Yeah, Chicago for three of my tickets (week 9) and one on Carolina.

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